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Happy Father’s Day!

To the kind of dad who doesn’t mind playing silly games, reading bedtime stories, watching the same movies again and again and again and again.
Who likes to go to play areas and eat happy meals. Who likes to take trips to the park, who likes to build tall towers. Who likes to cuddle up with his girls and have tickles under the covers.
Who can scare away big monsters and find the hidden creatures while brushing teeth. Who holds those tiny hands during doctor visits and gives big bear hugs in the middle of the night.
To the kind of Dad who tops all the rest.

Happy Father’s Day Omair,

Thanks for maintaining sanity in our house. Thanks for rolling up your sleeves and jumping into the dirty work as soon as you come home from the office. Thanks for the support and love you provide for this family. Thanks for putting up with all my shortcomings as I try to settle into this new phase in our lives.
Even though I have had my doubts, you have proven to be an exceptional father. Our girls are very lucky to have you in their lives, and I am lucky to have you in mine. I love you.

June 17, 2007 at 3:05 pm 5 comments

There were four in the bed and the little one said…

Weekend mornings have always been my favorite. This is probably because I am a morning person, and the best way to wake up is without an alarm, and your loved ones near you.

This particular weekend, Iman decided to climb into bed with us for a pre-morning snuggle, and to make it even better, Omair got Ayzah from her crib too. So here we were, all cuddled up in a queen size bed (which Omair had bought for himself before we were even married!).

Ayzah was awake and excited to be a part of the family. She contributed with coos and caas, and a few gurgles, as well as some precious smiles which we have all come to love. Iman was her usual chirpy self. Telling us all kinds of stories. We had hugs and tickles and laughs and giggles.

It was the best morning I have had in a long time.

June 16, 2007 at 8:52 am 3 comments

The Love of Two

There have been many things in life that have touched my heart. But the one thing that makes me tingle inside is watching the girls play with each other.

Today Iman invented a new game. When Ayzah sits in her seat, Iman puts a ball on her legs,¬†and then¬†Ayzah kicks her legs around, the ball rolls off, Iman runs to get it, and the process starts again! They’ve been at it for 15 minutes, they’re both laughing and giggling… It’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.

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Too Many Cooks

I went back to work last week and decided that it’s very unnatural for new moms to have a job. My 45 day maternity leave seemed to pass by too quickly, and now that I am back at work I’m hating every minute of it.

Lucky for me, the kids at school are having their finals, so they’re only in for an hour every day. The rest of the time we’re devoted to checking, making reports, writing out next year’s syllabus, ordering books and equipment for the next teachers and packing up for the summer.

Even luckier for me, I get to keep Ayzah with me. Administration has been really kind, so Ayzah stays in the staffroom as I go about my day.

Since babies are the center of everyone’s world, Ayzah has created a strong fan following. Every day I have ten different people willing to help carry her, change her, put her to sleep… you name it, there are people to help. It’s a good feeling, until there are too many of them…

Being a part of the Arab community, I soon learned that they are very stubborn. Everyone thinks that they “know” what they are doing. When Ayzah starts crying, I have a dozen people hovering around, each with their own thought process…

“She’s hungry, you have to feed her”
“She needs a diaper change”
“She’s cold, touch her feet, they’re freezing”
“You didn’t bring socks?!?”
“Wait, you aren’t wrapping her right, let me do it”
“Why is she still crying?”
“Maybe she needs to sleep”
“Or maybe her stomach is hurting”
“You should burp her”
“No wait, it’s gas”
“Hold her across your lap”
“No on your shoulder…”

And as they all carry on about themselves, each contributing to what they think is correct, I sit back smiling, knowing that they all love her, and they all want to help.

June 12, 2007 at 8:26 pm 6 comments

"By myself"

Maybe it’s the fact that we have been emphasizing to Iman that she is a “big girl” now, or maybe because since Ayzah’s birth Iman sees herself as the bigger more independent child of the house, I don’t know what’s caused it, but my little 3 year old has decided that she can do everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, by herself.

I can’t even count the number of times each day I get to hear “I’ll do it by myself”.

She can eat by herself, she can dress herself, she can wear her own shoes, she can comb her own hair, she can get on to the toilet, she can brush her own teeth, she can spend hours entertaining herself with self made games…

and today, when I popped her in the bath, she went ahead to say “Mama go out, I’m a big girl and I can wash myself.”

In reply I asked… “Even your hair?”
and her answer… “Yes mom, even my hair.” (suggesting… DUH!)

People may think that a child’s growing independence is a time to celebrate. It even seems convenient that the elder child has learned to manage herself at most tasks, but there is something bizarre about motherhood, no matter how old they get, we just don’t want them to grow up and stop needing us.

June 7, 2007 at 10:33 pm 4 comments

Thank you Mom

My Mom had come to stay with me when Ayzah was born. Even though I had already played the “mommy” game before, being a mother of two was an entirely new concept that needed training.

Mom’s presence was enough to give me strength and energy to tackle a 3-year old and a newborn at the same time. When she wasn’t helping hands on, she was giving me valuable words of wisdom. Her stay was full of long conversations, late night gossip sessions, shopping sprees, cooking expeditions and a few fights along the way.

She left yesterday, and I feel like I’ve never been so alone.

Me: I don’t want you to go yet.
Mom: I think it’s about time you settled into your routine.
Me: But I’m afraid of being alone.
Mom: You’re not alone, you’ve got 2 kids.
Me: That’s why I’m afraid.

June 2, 2007 at 10:51 am 8 comments

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