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Yasmine Strange

One day while driving in the car, I asked Iman about the new friends that she had made at school. I’m personally fond of a little girl called Yasmine, and wanted to “encourage” that friendship. So when I asked Iman whether she was friends with Yasmine, she replied “Yasmine’s strange“. I asked her why? And she replied… “because she is. Yasmine’s strange.”

 I was a bit thrown off by the comment, so I started to explain the importance of finding good qualities in all the people we meet. Omair jumped in as well and for a good half hour we struggled in trying to convince her that Yasmine must have something about her that Iman likes. After talking, explaining and convincing, Iman continued to say… “She’s my friend. But Yasmine’s strange. She really is.”

We decided to let it be. I guess I can’t convince Iman to like everyone. She’s going to have to make her own friends and I’m going to have to learn to accept it.

Today when I went to pick her up from school, I went inside the class to help Iman get her things when I heard the teacher say… “Yasmine Strange, please come and get your bag.”

I turned to ask Ms. Saba what she said, and she replied… “Yes, it’s a bit odd, but that’s her name, Yasmine Strange.”


September 26, 2007 at 10:18 pm 7 comments

Double Trouble

The thing about having two kids, is that you have to experience everything twice.

Twice the pregnancy, twice the childbirth, twice the sleepless nights, twice the feedings, twice the teething, twice the crankiness, and right now for me — twice the illness.

 I spent all of last week taking care of Iman, who had a very bad cough and sore throat. She was so clingy and cranky. In fact, it took a lot of energy on my part to keep a sane mind. Having a sick child can be very taxing on mom, kids become very difficult and sometimes just impossible. You can’t even get angry or upset, because they’re sick, and it’s your job to provide love and comfort, as well as chicken soup.

If it wasn’t enough that I had my hands full with Iman, last night Ayzah started developing a cough too! I guess these things are inevitable. If the germs are circulating in the house, the little one is bound to catch them sooner or later. Well, the later has come, and the little one is sick.

 I guess there’s something about a baby being sick that just hurts more. Of course Iman is my darling, but Ayzah is my baby, and hearing her cough just breaks my heart! The little thing rattles from head to toe… and after she coughs, she lets out this funny *sigh*. Kind of like the sound we make after doing some long hard strenuous work.

Poor baby, but also poor mommy, who has to pull up her sleeves and get right back into the grind with another sick child…

Having two kids means having to experience everything twice…

Twice the seasonal flu, twice the medicine timings, twice the throw-ups, twice the clean-ups… twice the snuggles when the baby is sick, twice the hugs to make them feel loved, twice the kisses to reassure them that they are going to be taken care of, twice the warmth you feel when your child falls asleep with their head on your chest, twice the smiles when they start to feel better, twice the happiness that comes back in their eyes, twice the satisfaction that the two kids that you love the most, are going to be all right —

September 22, 2007 at 11:59 pm 6 comments

The Reality of Imaginary Friends

As Iman’s imagination soars, she’s managed to create an imaginary friend for herself. I used think that lonely kids — ignored kids, were target to creating fictional people in their minds. It was their support mechanism through their childhood. Kind of like companionship where there was no on else to turn to. But I guess that’s a theory in the past. Iman has plenty of friends and lots of time with her parents and sister. I don’t think her new “friend” is a creation due to neglect, but in fact this is a mixture of her imagination and her subconscious.

However, as fictional as she may be, she’s quite a reality in our lives. Let me introduce you to Anasha, Iman’s first imaginary friend.

This little girl is apparently Iman’s new “best friend”, and quite often, her voice of reason. As real as she is for Iman, she’s really never around. Whenever I ask Iman Anasha’s whereabouts, she always tells me that “she’s on her way”. But in any situation, Iman will have some form of input from her new friend Anasha.

When we asked Iman about Anasha’s family, it was quite coincidental that Anasha had a daddy who was always at work. A mommy who stayed home to look after her little sister, and a baby sister who was just as old as Ayzah. Hmmmmm…

As we get to venture into this new phase of Iman’s, we have to decide what path to follow… I don’t want to encourage Iman to befriend fictitious people, but for now, I don’t think I want to meddle in this affair. Maybe Anasha will be short lived, maybe not, but for now, she’s here and we’re going to have to get used to it.

September 16, 2007 at 12:05 pm 2 comments

The Secret Language

Ever since Ayzah’s been babbling baby talk, Iman has been really excited with the new form of communication. As the weeks pass, Ayzah has become more expressive with her sounds, and she’ll add a shriek of delight to her smiles and coo and gurgle in response to any direct conversation made with her.

 Here’s an excerpt of today’s conversation:

Iman: Mom, can I watch some TV?

Me: Not now honey, it’s not your TV time.

Iman: Please mommy, pretty please?

Me: Nope, no extra TV time. I’m sure you can find something else to do.

Iman goes over to Ayzah’s bouncing chair and starts talking to her. Ayzah, who is overjoyed with the attention, gurgles and coos and caas in response. 5 minutes later…

 Iman: Mama look! Ayzah can talk!!

Me: Sweetie that’s not talking, she’s just gurgling. Talking is when we can understand what she’s saying.

Iman: But I can understand her.

Me: Really? So what’s she saying?

Iman: She’s saying she wants to watch TV.

September 11, 2007 at 9:06 pm 6 comments

Showering the baby with love…

I love to host parties, but I especially love to host “purpose built” parties for people I love. Yesterday was Sabin’s baby shower. She and I have been very close over the last year or so. Her baby story involves lots of struggle and lots of prayer. Over the past year we’ve talked every day about my pregnancy or hers. We’ve been through the whole ordeal together, and now, when she stands at the dawn of motherhood, I feel great to be a part of her experiences, and privileged to be her support in the coming months.

Yesterday when we started the baby shower with a little prayer for Sabin and the baby, my eyes got all teary… I remembered the conversations when she couldn’t have a baby, and the struggle she went through to become a mom. I am so happy that in the next few days she will get a chance to hold her own baby, a part of her that lived in her for nine months, but will remain in her heart forever.

September 9, 2007 at 6:07 pm 3 comments

Returning the Favor

Yesterday my neighbor asked if she could drop her 1 year old daughter at our place while he tied up a few loose ends at home. I’ve never watched someone else’s child before, so it was strange for me, but since Iman goes over to play some times, I thought it wouldn’t be fair for me to say no. And what the hell… If I can watch 2, I can watch 3. Right?

The play date/babysitting went fine. Iman did most of the entertaining, in fact I just sat and supervised the group. It was kind of fun. The neighbor baby can crawl, throw a ball, clap and chase after Iman, so it wasn’t a surprise that Iman just took the lead, and thoroughly enjoyed the position of being “eldest”. Ayzah was also happy to see someone else in the house acting silly. It was a good combination.

On the other hand, I sat there and contemplated the favor. I’m sure that when my neighbor asked me to watch her daughter, she probably thought that she wasn’t asking anything out of the ordinary, since my daughter goes over to play at her place. But I guess the difference is that I don’t consider Iman a child that needs constant supervision. She can entertain herself and is quite self sufficient when it comes to play time. The neighbor baby however, is at that age where she gets into everything, and has no sense of danger. So it’s not an even trade… is it?

With all that said, it was still fun to watch the kids playing together. Kind of a glimpse of our future, where Iman and Ayzah will keep each other thoroughly entertained – I hope.

September 6, 2007 at 10:14 pm 3 comments

Learning the Alphabet

On our drive home from school, I asked Iman… “What did the teacher talk about today?”, and she replied… “She talked about ass.” I was shocked. So I asked again… “What did she talk about?” and sure enough, Iman’s reply… “She showed us an ass and then we got to paint it.”

My mind was racing for an explanation, but Iman was so sure of what she was saying. So I thought maybe she was pulling my leg (these days she has a sure knowledge of humor). So I insisted that she was mistaken.

“Really honey, I’m sure you’re getting it wrong, I know your teacher couldn’t have talked to you about ass.”

“Yes she did. She told us ass is for snake, and we got to paint an ass shaped snake.”

September 5, 2007 at 4:05 pm 5 comments

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