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We grow up admiring them for their strength and bravery. They become our role models and our mentors. We turn to them at our times of need, and we expect them to conquer our fears. Our superheros. But before the magical fictional characters enter our lives, the power of being “super” lies with someone closer to home. To a small child all the world’s heroism belongs to mom and dad. As they stare wide eyed while dad fixes a broken toy… as mom cleans up a scrape and puts on a band aid, when a lost item is restored, when a broken heart is mended, when an ice lolly is found in a hidden compartment in the freezer, when help is there whenever you need it… to our children, we are superheros.

To carry this responsibility on our shoulders can be a heavy task… because human beings are only capable of so much. But try explaining that to a 3 year old who thinks her daddy can fix all the broken things in the world. Living up to a superhero image might be stressful, but all parents can rest at ease… in your child’s mind, you can never fail.

Which is why today, as a parent or an adult, you turn to your age old superhero, may it be mom or dad – you know that in your time of need, they will always rescue you.


October 26, 2007 at 12:20 pm 2 comments

Why mealtimes end in bathtimes…

It was aproximately 3 years ago that I first started introducing solids to Iman, and I think that it scarred me so much, that it became something I was dreading to do with Ayzah.

I’m not one for messes, and feeding is messy business, especially when your baby realizes that she can turn it into a game! Ayzah has learned that a mouth full of baby cereal sprays out very far. So now she eagerly fills up… then takes a big breath in and blows out… spraying everything around her. I’ve tried several things to make her stop, but as soon as she catches on, she finds a way to get around it.

She’s throughly entertained by it. Not only is she having fun, but Iman is loving it too. Every time Ayzah showers me in baby cereal she looks at Iman for a reaction, and when Iman bursts into laughter, Ayzah keeps blowing air out of her mouth, trying to make Iman giggle some more.

So now, at the end of every meal… we have to take a bath. Both Ayzah AND me.

October 25, 2007 at 11:27 am 2 comments

The Love of Two

There have been many things in life that have touched my heart. But the one thing that makes me tingle inside is watching the girls play with each other.

Today Iman invented a new game. When Ayzah sits in her seat, Iman puts a ball on her legs, and then Ayzah kicks her legs around, the ball rolls off, Iman runs to get it, and the process starts again! They’ve been at it for 15 minutes, they’re both laughing and giggling… It’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.

October 23, 2007 at 4:30 pm 1 comment

Where we should draw the line.

Last night the happenings in Karachi were disturbing for all of us. The bomb blast that caused so much devastation led us to question a lot about our political leadership and the future that we expect them to secure. Benazir returned to Karachi with a lot of drama and a lot of fanfare… it resulted in havoc.

Today on TV, there are images of last night splashed across the news and in advertorial promos, so is the fate of breaking news, it consumes the whole day. But one thing that really caught my eye was the ad on Geo TV. A group of kids questioning bombs and killing. They come on screen in turns, talking about last night in their own innocent ways. If that was meant to touch our hearts — it didn’t touch mine. I thought it was unnecessary to use children to get the message across that what happened last night was hurtful to everyone. Instead, they have also produced a “dua” which they’re airing from time to time, that respectfully forces us to accept what happened, and hold ourselves responsible.

The children, not so appropriate, but the dua… very effective and heartwarming. What they said is spot on… May Allah grant us strength in these trying times, and wisdom to secure a safe future.

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How this is absolutely the most delightful thing…

We have added a tin of Cerelac Wheat next to the Rice. Not because Ayzah does or doesn’t like the rice cereal, but because she has a cold, and it’s known that rice isn’t suitable during cough and flu symptoms. So instead of stopping the process of breakfast, I just changed the flavor.

She’s taken to to it like all kids do. First there is a scrunchy face… then she uses her tongue to push out the food, then she realizes it IS food, so she tries to lap it off the spoon, then she tries to grab the spoon and guide it to her mouth, and then she gets excited… gurgles and blows air out of her mouth, consequently covering me in cereal too. It’s a fun process, which we’re both trying to perfect (in our own different ways.)

Which leads me to the title… how this is absolutely the most delightful thing

During the entire feeding process, Iman hovers around making sure she points out EVERY little detail. Sometimes I’m not sure if she’s narrating all this for me, Ayzah or her own general merriment. Here’s what she said during Ayzah’s breakfast this morning (and I assure you, none of it is made up)…

“Look mama’s filling the spoon!” It’s got yummy yummy cereal on it. Yummy Yummy Yum Yum. Ayzah open your mouth now… here comes the spoon… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Oh… look she’s spitting it out. Come on Ayzah, it’s so yummy… Yummy in your tummy… open again, say AAAAAAAAAAA. She’s eating… look she’s eating… she likes her food, mama, she likes her breakfast! I like my breakfast too. I can open my mouth too… look mommy, I’m opening it bigger than Ayzah’s mouth. I love Ayzah’s breakfast time, this is absolutely the most delightful thing.”

It took me a moment to absorb the last line. A mouthful of words that really made so much sense, but seemed larger than life for my little girl. Wow, some days, even though I hate feeding babies, things like this happen, and then you step back and have a good laugh… isn’t it absolutely the most delightful thing?

October 18, 2007 at 4:13 pm 5 comments

Starting Solids


Weaning has to be one of my least favorite things about being a parent (it’s right up there next to potty training!) But as all good things must come to and end… our era of exclusive milk feedings has also ended. Gone are the days when the baby was hungry and all I had to do was pop out a boob (sorry for being graphic).

 I went on to for my usual consultation, but I must have lost track of things, because apparently the little one should be on 3 meals a day. Whoops! Oh well, slow and steady… I’ve started the rice cereal and hopefully in the coming weeks we’ll bring in the vegis and the fruits. So by the time she’s 7-8 months, we’ll be on track with the other kids.

 Iman is enjoying Ayzah’s meal times more than me. She insists on feeding her at least a couple of bites every time… hey, who’s arguing? If Iman can get the hang of it… she’s welcome to do it ALL the time, I’m not one to stand in the way of sisterly love 🙂

October 15, 2007 at 4:10 pm 2 comments

Eid Day

Meeting good friends, eating great food, and coming home tired but happy.



October 14, 2007 at 12:44 am 9 comments

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