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One of the first things I wanted to do once we had settled into the new apartment was to ferberize Ayzah. Those of you who don’t know what that is… it’s a sleep training method. A system (quite like potty training) where you actually teach your baby to fall asleep on their own. It can be quite heart wrenching, because it requires that the baby “cry it out” until she learns how to calmly settle herself.

We tried it with Iman a long long time ago, and on the first night we just gave up. It’s really hard to hear a small baby crying on and on and on. Makes you feel like the cruel parent. So Iman was never sleep trained, and it took 19 months before she even slept through the night. And to date, if she wakes up, she needs us to settle her back to sleep.

This time around I wanted none of that. With a little convincing from a good friend and a VERY strong heart, we started.

Night 1 Ayzah cried close to 2 hours. I went through an emotional roller coaster. Started with sympathy, then regret, then absolute guilt, then a little irritation, which then ended in down right annoyance.

Each night and nap after that day has been a wait and watch game for us. Some times she sleeps well, other times she cries and cries and cries. Some nights she sleeps through and others she keeps getting up and crying. But no matter how it goes, this has come as a relief to both me and Omair. Having to go and pacify a crying baby night after night, hour after hour can get to be so demanding. Fortunately sleep training works. It requires a lot of dedication and discipline, but it really works.

So far I’ve converted 2 other friends to try it. And I hope all you other moms (with children who can’t sleep on their own) will take inspiration here and teach your baby to sleep as well. It may be really hard to do at first, but once your kid gets the hang of it, life will never be the same.


January 31, 2008 at 3:50 pm 9 comments

So much to say…

I’ve been back on line for a couple days now, and I have started about 5 different blog posts. So much has happened it’s hard to put it down! For now, I just wanted to say that we’ve moved!! The girls are loving all this extra space, and I’ve just got more hands full with the extended work, but not complaining, not one bit. I’m happy, and it’s a great start to the rest of our lives.

More soon.

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Moving Places, Moving On

It’s been 7 years in this apartment. It used to be Omair’s bachelor pad, which he shared with his friend. Then I came into the picture and the friend moved out so I could move in. I remember flying back from our wedding and coming to this apartment. It was a disgusting mess. But once I got through with all the scrubbing and cleaning and furnishing… the place was great… it was home.

I’ve got so many memories in here. Setting up the place. Omair had no furniture. Literally. So we picked out everything we wanted, and asked it to be delivered on the same day. I remember that Thursday morning well. It was a little chaotic. The delivery men kept coming. One by one, chair by chair, table by table everything took its place and by nightfall it all looked perfect.

I started my adult life here, and I also started motherhood.

First pregnancy test. The weird but nauseating excitement of the result. Doctors appointments, midnight cravings, growing belly, shopping for the little one and then finally… Bringing Iman home. It’s been a wild ride. Learning how to raise a child. Diapers and schedules, nap-times and bath-times, stories and cuddles. She grew in front of our eyes and we spent days just gazing into our future, through her. I remember Iman on the go, child proofing the house. Selling the coffee table to give her more crawl space. Buying new “child friendly” sofas. Raising everything so it would be out of reach. Hiding books, DVDs and all other destroyable material.

I remember going back to work after Iman. Trying to manage all angles of life. Iman’s new tantrums, her fears her accomplishments. I remember potty training and all the challenges which came with that! I remember all those wonderful lazy weekend mornings where Iman made “tea” and Omair and I indulged in a little plastic cake while Iman tried to be the perfect host.

Then came Ayzah. Being pregnant with her, remembering so much from before. Preparing Iman for her new sibling. Preparing myself for round 2. But bringing her home was magnificent. There was so much I knew from before, that it seemed so natural to have her. Her uncontrolable excitement and gummy toothless smile. She’s the light of our lives and she’s really made us a family.

This house has had so many memories for us. Good things and bad, so much history. Really, it just feels like yesterday.

And today, is my last day here. I’m sitting here surrounded by boxes, our lives all packed up and ready to move on. Of course we’re so excited to go to the new apartment, but there’s so much here that I’m leaving behind.

Nehal Building # 2088, thanks for all those wonderful memories, and a beautiful start to our life together – we’ll always remember you.

January 2, 2008 at 10:43 am 8 comments

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