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Happy 1st Birthday Ayzah!



April 20, 2008 at 9:26 pm 4 comments

Celebrating a year full of Ayzah-ness!

She was the best kept secret on this blog. Her arrival into our home was new, yet familiar. She’s lit up our lives in a million different ways. Ayzah… we love you baby bunny! Congratulations on completing your first year!!

April 19, 2008 at 9:15 pm 6 comments

The Other Kind of Unwanted Child Advice

We all remember being newly weds and having eyebrows raised about when we’d get pregnant. It’s so common in our culture to be questioned about our choice to procreate. But this time I think I’ve seen it all! If it wasn’t enough that people used to question me about when I’d get pregnant, now I have people questioning why I’d want to get pregnant! Why can’t people just leave everyone be? If I don’t comment on why you don’t want kids… who are you to ask why I want so many? I could have 5 or 10 or more. It’s really no one’s business.

Me thinks people need to keep to themselves.

April 19, 2008 at 1:54 pm 5 comments

Choosing a College…

I swear it felt like we were choosing a college! The past few months have been full of school discussions. Back in January Iman’s teacher asked us to start selecting a school for September. Of course I was really bugged, since I had spent most of last year looking for a nursery! But I was duly informed that all the good schools in Dubai will have a wait list by now, so if I haven’t made a decision yet… it was time to get cracking!

So I was back at the start. Speaking to parents and then friends of parents… Going through websites and Parents Plus. Reading intro after intro… which all pretty much sounded like what I had been reading last year. Really, schools can’t be judged on their publicity stunts. So with Ayzah in tow, I went to visit a handful of schools which I liked, and fit into our budget.

When I had selected 5, we were asked to fill out forms and schedule an interview. AN INTERVIEW?!?!? What are they going to ask a 3 year old??? It’s surprising how simple school admissions are so overplayed. But since we want to be a part of the circus… we’ve got to dance to the tune. And dance we did… I prepped Omair for things to say and what not to bring up. I told him to cap his weird sense of humor. I put a lot of thought into what we’d wear and what the kids would wear (even Ayzah!). But the one thing I didn’t do… was psyche out Iman. I let her go there with an open mind, and asked her to tell me if she wanted that to be her new school.

The interview was a breeze. We’re the perfect applicants… who wouldn’t want Iman? LOL 😉

But really… Iman’s my little star. She spun circles around the teacher who was interviewing her. They had a lovely conversation, and the teacher came out in awe. I mean it.

I had scheduled Iman for just one interview at the one school that we really liked. I didn’t want to second chance it unless I had to. Alhamdulillah, she got in.

April 17, 2008 at 9:45 pm 7 comments

There’s always room for chocolate!

Iman’s got such a small appetite that usually I have to coax her into taking a couple of last bites to finish off a meal. And she’ll pull whatever stunts she can in order to escape. Halfway through dinner today, she claims… “I’m absolutely full!” so I insisted that she take another two bites. And she insisted… “There’s no more room left in my tummy!!”. So I let it go and helped her clear up. As she was leaving the kitchen, she made a stop at the fridge and took out a small piece of chocolate. I caught her, and asked her how come she was having chocolate when she said there was no more room in her tummy!?!?

So of course… Iman being Iman, says… “There’s always a special place in everyones tummy for chocolate.”

April 17, 2008 at 12:04 am 1 comment

Craving Time

During our recent Karachi trip, Omair and I got to attend a friend’s wedding while the kids were at home -asleep. It’s such a novelty in our lives to have the opportunity to be on our own.

In the daily grind of parenting, where everything in our house is hands on, it feels so strange to have an evening away without the kids. But I guess independence is kind of like riding a bike, you can never forget it. So when we did get the chance to be alone, Omair and I loved it!

Driving home after the last wedding function, I asked Omair – do you miss “us”? Just being on our own? And he laughed (because Omair knows how much I miss it). He’s never really felt the need to “get away”. Maybe dad’s don’t relate to this because they do get a chance to be on their own without kids for most of the day, which means, that at 6 in the afternoon, they’re happy to be with the kids, while mom (who has had her hands full all day) desperately wishes that bed time would come sooner.

People used to be good at this parenting thing -Some people still are. But as my kids start getting older and needing me to be more and more “hands on” I keep craving “alone time”. I’m not going to feel guilty for writing this, I’m not perfect. Parenting is hard, and it was so nice to be out without the kids, that I wish we had some sort of way to keep taking these breaks and refreshing ourselves from time to time.

On the other hand, my only consolation is that in a matter of time, I will get all this “me time” and “couple time” back – I just have to be patient.

April 15, 2008 at 3:52 pm 7 comments

Point Well Taken

Iman’s always had her way with words. She’s a smart thinker, and quick to come up with things that leave me speechless. Some days I wish I could think up an answer for every question… but as time passes, I feel like I’m falling short.

Today she spoke to me about family and relationships. She wanted to know why she wasn’t my “only daughter”. I tried to play my “only BIG daughter” card, but sort of failed when she said…

“If you can have two daughters, why can’t I have two mommies?”

I was taken aback and I asked her… “Do you want another mommy?”

and she said… “No, but if you can have two daughters, then I should be allowed two moms”

Hmmm… can’t argue logic!

April 14, 2008 at 10:51 pm 2 comments

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